Chiropractors in Lincoln NE: How Experts in Spinal Rehabilitation Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Danny | Posted On: August 12, 2021

One of the most common injuries that people experience is back injury. Over 61 million Americans experience some form of back pain at any given time. Regardless of whetger you have chronic or acute back pain from a spinal cord injury or disease, spinal rehabilitation therapy from experienced chiropractors in lincoln ne is a great way to treat both over time. 

What is Spinal Rehabilitation?

Spinal rehabilitation is a medical discipline guiding patients with physical, psychological, and social recovery who have become partially (temporarily) or entirely (permanently) disabled due to a spinal cord injury or disease. Since the muscles and joints of the spinal cord are hidden and can't be easily observed, the need for rehabilitation is necessary and has been recognized among chiropractors. 

Spinal rehab programs usually involve manual or manipulative therapy efficient for pain management and movement restoration short-term. Meanwhile, core strengthening programs may improve function and reduce pain for the long term. If you've sustained a workplace injury or do professional sports for a living and suffer from years of wear and tear, getting into a spinal rehab program can help you out.

What Do Spine Rehabilitation Programs Involve 

Chiropractors in Lincoln NE offer a comprehensive approach in implementing manual techniques, perspective exercises, and modalities to their rehab programs. These will improve a patient's physical condition and symptoms. Additionally, they'll provide patients with movement awareness, tips on the safest positions to keep the injured area safe, functional strength, and coordination. 

All these promote better management of low back pain and recovery from injury — and the treatments offered alongside spine rehab programs. 

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the source of the problem or pain 
  • Manual therapy (ex: manual spinal adjustments)
  • Custom and specific exercise programs for each patient 
  • Progressive activities to do at home 
  • Therapeutic Modalities required 

All these can help restore independence and improve self-management faster, bringing back the quality of life you deserve in no time. Ask Dr. Jacob Tucker what supplemental activities you should do in addition to your rehab program. 

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries are usually split into two categories, which include: 

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injury - This causes permanent damage to the affected part of the spine. Plus, it usually results in paraplegia or tetraplegia (commonly known as paralysis). 
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury - This refers to partial or "temporary" damage to the spine. Your ability to move and the amount of "feeling" you feel depends on the injured spine's affected area and its severity. 

Under these two types of spinal cord injuries, several ailments come with it, including sciatica, herniated discs, and lower back pain. Fortunately, all are manageable with spinal rehabilitation. The most common one is lower back pain, usually attributed to straining the back muscles through existing injuries or accidents. It always starts in the lumbar or sacral regions of the spine, causing excruciating pain.

Herniated discs are also "common" and usually happens when the discs between individual vertebrae become worn out and start leaking into adjoining nerves. Finally, sciatica refers to pinched or irritated sciatic nerves, and it can happen from your lower back to your feet. Other types of spinal ailments treatable by spine rehab are whiplash or neck pain. 

Benefits of Spine Rehabilitation 

Spinal rehab involves multiple treatment methods that have been proven to help the body naturally mend itself while easing the pain. That said, here are the benefits of undergoing a spine rehab program. 

  • It Heals the Mind and the Spine

Remember that recovering from any injury, including spinal cord trauma, is more than physical since significant mental and emotional hurdles come with it. These healthcare professionals can help you adjust to the sudden changes that come with recovering from a spinal cord injury. Besides working with a chiropractor, they may also work with psychologists to support your well-being as a whole. 

Although it differs per professional, they usually use talk therapy or music therapy to help you fight against depression and anxiety. At the same time, you recover your normal mobility while building your confidence and coping skills.

  • Boosts Mobility After Spinal Cord Injury

The physical training part of intensive spine rehab programs has been shown to improve one's mobility significantly. These usually use assisted devices to support the patient's weight while walking on treadmills or the ground. Overall, the physical training aspect aims to promote the remaining nerve connectivity between the regions located above the injured area and the locomotor central pattern generator with the spine. 

The locomotor central pattern generator is filled with neurons that can trigger movement without sensory inputs or signals from the brain. Besides improving assisted mobility, the rehab program supports cardiovascular and respiratory health — and prevents pressure sores and joint-related issues of spinal cord injuries. 

What to Expect When Undergoing Spinal Rehab

Management of spinal cord injuries starts at the most impacted place. The techniques involved in standard spinal rehab programs usually help stabilize patients and move immediately following the trauma, significantly influencing the prognosis. But the ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to prevent the patient from experiencing secondary complications and help them cope with their condition to avoid getting injured again in the future. 

Also, it helps patients start early mobilization whenever they achieve medical clearance, which usually involves "early" strengthening and range of motion. Overall, the overarching goal of spine rehabilitation is for the patient to become as independent as possible — fast. 

Chiropractors help patients achieve independent mobility in ways that: 

  • Use new movements to compensate for any neuromuscular impairment the patient develops. 
  • Use the brain to accommodate tasks with particular movement patterns similar to that before the patient got injured. 

Spinal rehabilitation can help you create a custom program that can relieve pressure from pain points, strengthen tissues, and stabilize your spine over time — helping patients get back to their feet with ease. 

How Can A Chiropractor Help You With Spine Rehabilitation?

Do the words "chiropractor" and "spine rehabilitation" sound like two things that go together, but you're not sure what they mean? Well, a chiropractor may be able to help with spine rehabilitation. Here's how: chiropractors are specially trained in spinal care and manipulation. This means they use their hands or specialized tools to apply pressure, push or pull on your joints and other parts of the body to make them move more freely. A good example would be when a person has a headache and goes for massage therapy - it can work wonders!  

Chiropractors use their hands to adjust or manipulate joints and other physical structures of the spine, which can help restore mobility and flexibility. A chiropractor might also be able to provide you with exercises that will help strengthen your back muscles so that they can hold your spine properly. If you're looking for a way to alleviate pain from an injury or surgery, speak with a doctor about what type of rehabilitation methods he or she recommends. 

As one of the most trusted Chiropractors in Lincoln, NE, Good Life Family Chiropractic will help you recover and feel better in no time. To make an appointment with Dr. Jacob Tucker or other skilled practitioners at our clinic, contact us, and we'll assist you from there. 


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