“I’ve been dealing with a lot of migraines for a very, very long time. After coming here, I found out that my vertebrates have been way off for a long, long, long time and kept getting worse and worse all the time. I still have migraine, not as much as I was. It’s starting to look better! As long as I keep doing what I’m supposed to. I think I’ll be just fine, and maybe one day, I will be just as healthy as anybody my age. Thankyou for all you’ve done to help me be a healthier person. ?”
Janeane Spilinek
“Dr. Jake is so caring and knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond to be the most effective practitioner.”
Mollie Miriovsky
“I had a great experience this morning starting with friendly staff. It was good to be back in the office again. Dr. Jacob is always very helpful in treating my issues. Thank you kindly.”
Linda Hall
“I have scoliosis, which causes my spine and neck to be a mess. Had I gone to an MD he probably would have recommended surgery. I have been seeing Dr. Jake for a year and a half now. The moderate scoliosis was causing my hips to be totally out of line and my neck to be curved backwards. Since seeing Dr. Jake, I have very little pain and even my knees have improved. I also love how the staff treats us like family, not patients. I highly recommend Good Life Family Chiropractic!”
Christian Patriot
“I've been struggling with low back pain for as long as I can remember, but these last few years I've been neglecting consistent, if any self care. Along with this neglect and aging my physical and mental health have been suffering resulting in more than just low back pain. After my first meeting with Dr. Tucker in which I explained my current state of neglect, he offered information on how chiropractic care could benefit me in all aspects of my life. He gave me hope that I can feel healthy again. I just had my first adjustment last night and although a little sore I am amazed at how different and better I feel. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Dr. Tucker and Good Life Family Chiropractic. I would highly recommend a visit and learn what they can do for you!”
Abigail Davis

“A lot of great things going on here!!! The adjustments are amazing and there are warm up stretches to get you loosened up before the adjustment.

I appreciate Dr. Tucker and staff!”

“The people in this office are really kind and caring. The last two weeks have been stressful for me and Dr. Jake noticed the tightness in my back and adjusted me accordingly and I feel amazing! He's very knowledgeable and offers wisdom both for my spiritual and physical health. I'm super grateful to know him and his team. :)”
Pamela Jones

“Excellent care. Excellent customer service. Excellent knowledge. I have been going to Good Life Family Chiropractic for 5 years. Dr. Jake Tucker is the best chiropractor I have been to.”

Janet Verbeek
“I’ve dealt with a lot of pain and had help from a lot of chiropractors over the years, and this chiropractic approach has been extremely effective. My pain is now minimal, and I feel better than I have in years! Thank you, Dr. Tucker and staff!”

“I was suffering from neck pain after an incident at the gym, and they worked me in same day. Very informative and helpful experience. Highly recommend these folks... and my neck feels much better.”

Molly Farritor
“Aww the staff was very nice and explain everything to me chiropractor was also very pleasant.He Explain to me a lot and I appreciate that!”
Regina Sales

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