How Athletes Benefit from Routine Sports Chiropractic Care

Danny | Posted On: November 20, 2020

Sports chiropractic is a recent subspecialty in chiropractic care. In the 1980s, the first chiropractor joined the US Olympic medical team to address various musculoskeletal injuries as well as improve performance and prevention. This field of chiropractic care is an excellent resource and alternative for athletes. It helps them keep their body healthy and in peak condition to perform their best in sports. 

Chiropractic treatment and care has various health advantages for any person regardless of age and condition. In competitive sports, athletes need strength, flexibility and speed to win the game. Sports teams today have started to appreciate the value of spinal adjustments in sports training and improved performance. Here the life-long benefits that athletes can get from sports chiropractic care.

Improved Athletic Performance

With the help of chiropractic manipulations athletes can be cleared of imbalances and alleviate all stressors on the nervous system. Chiropractic care helps restore overall body health after rigorous training and competition. Aside from protecting the spine, the spinal column also ensures the proper anchorage of the muscles all over the body. Thus, it makes sense that right posture, spine health and muscle strength are all connected. Whatever it is that impacts the spine will eventually impact your physical well-being and performance. For athletes, the additional stress and trauma to the body can cause the body and the nervous system to fall into disrepair. Regular chiropractic care can help keep your spine healthy in order to support your body weight and fight off stressors.      

Improved Range of Motion and Flexibility

One of the best benefits that athletes can get from regular chiropractic treatment is having an improved range of motion and flexibility. Some sports require athletes to put extra effort on their bodies during training. Intense physical activities and straining can lead to issues in movement and spinal alignment. People who engage in any sport are prone to stiffness and joint pains. This can limit their range of motion and inhibit them from performing optimally.   

Decreased Recovery Time

Sports chiropractic care is also beneficial in helping muscles to relax after straining in the competition or training. Adjustment will correct any shift in the vertebrae in case of injury or trauma while playing. As the muscles start to relax, the bodily fluids also become stimulated to move towards the spinal area. It brings oxygen and other nutrients to the injured areas to promote recovery. Soft tissue adjustment and manipulation will also help break up scar tissues to improve elasticity, flexibility and stamina while the body recovers. 

Reduces Pain and Muscle Ache

The spine is made up of numerous tissues that are very sensitive to pain. It is often felt in the ligaments, joints, discs and nerves. If there is an abnormal misalignment in the spine, a person will feel various levels of stress and strain on the areas where there is pain. Athletes are prone to injuries and often struggle with painful areas around the body. With chiropractic care for athletes, certain techniques are applied to improve and restore joint functions. It also resolves inflammation to reduce pain and suffering for the athletes.  

Lesser Need for Prescription Drugs

In most cases, people resort to taking medication to resolve pain. Medications can range from oral products, cortisone injections and other drugs that give immediate, yet short-term relief. On the other hand, chiropractic treatments are a drug-free alternative that can reduce and even eliminate the pain. It means that athletes are safe from potential side effects and dependencies that often come with prescription medication.

Non-invasive Treatment Options for Sports Related Injuries

Chiropractic care is a safe alternative to invasive procedures such as surgeries. It can help alleviate pain from injuries through the body. It is not just about adjustments on the spinal column. Athletes may find chiropractic treatments a more viable option to avoid being sidelined on a long recovery phase. Sports chiropractic care may also involve the use of electrical muscle stimulation, Graston Technique and Active Release Technique, and functional dry needling to help athletes recover from different types of sports injuries.  

Optimal Wellness

It takes more effort and time to care for an athlete’s body. As individuals who focus on using more muscles and power, they should focus on health, awareness and optimal function everyday. With the help of a professional chiropractor, athletes are guided in proper nutrition, proper training and sleep guidelines.  These strategies can be utilized and developed into life-long habits. Chiropractic care through spinal alignment and adjustments, gait analysis and body mechanic evaluation helps muscular development especially in young athletes.     

Supports Athletes as a Whole

Athletes do stop training. All year through, they train to develop their optimal strength, speed, flexibility and power. On and off season, athletes work to become the best that they can be. Professional sports team has a support or medical team that monitors the health and welfare of the athletes while they train and during competition. Chiropractors may work with trainers to help athletes develop better muscle and ligament stability while they exert effort in playing their sports. Chiropractors can facilitate holistic wellness while they develop their expertise. 

Thorough Attention from Doctors

Chiropractors usually spend more time with their patients as they conduct thorough examination and attend to their patients. They do not only focus on spinal adjustments or alignment. Chiropractic doctors provide a whole health assessment to ensure that underlying issues that may cause future issues are ruled out. With each visit, a patient undergoes continuous evaluation thus giving athletes better, customized care and medical attention. 

Take Away

Being an athlete means that you have to push your mind and body beyond limits to perform at your best and win. Participating in any sports may involve jumping, pushing, running and tackling. Your body is prone to injury and trauma. 

Although it is impossible to prevent injuries, sports chiropractic care from Dr. Jacob Tucker can help reduce recovery time and even improve your condition to perform better. 

If you are in need of an expert in sports chiropractic care, you should visit Jacob Tucker of the Good Life Family Chiropractic and consider getting treatments on a regular basis. 

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