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Danny | Posted On: May 17, 2021

Dr. Jacob Tucker, owner of Good Life Family Chiropractic, is a trained professional specializing in structural correction of the spine and the care of infants, children, adolescents and families.

Childhood is an essential time for development and growth. It is also a time when children are most susceptible to illness, injury, and pain. If you are a parent of young children or have ever been one yourself, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with their constantly changing needs. Sometimes, they are sleeping more than usual during the day or refusing to eat certain foods. Above all, it is overwhelming when you can not think of anything to discipline your kid but to wait and let your kid go through these stressful phases.

But what if something more serious was going on? What if your child was not just tired all the time because he does not get enough sleep at night? Or had recently fallen off his bike and did not want to get up in bed? 

Origin of Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractor

In the time of ancient Greece, spinal manipulation as a treatment was an option. Chiropractic is relatively new to our times and evolved from other healing traditions that were popular at this point in American history during medical practices where patients sought drugless alternatives over potentially toxic drugs.

Dr. D.D. Palmer, an American healer who used magnetic therapy and applied kinesiology to treat disease believed that diseases are often caused by the subluxation of vertebrae. A subluxation means partial or complete joint dislocation. The significant structural displacement interrupts nerve impulses. Correcting these misalignments allows bodily healing to happen on its own accord.

What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Pediatric Chiropractor

It is common for children to use chiropractic as primary therapy for non-musculoskeletal conditions such as colic, enuresis, asthma, and recurrent otitis media. Many parents find that having their child's spine aligned can have positive effects on reducing the severity of these illnesses. Also, chiropractic care lessens treatment time. A study revealed that chiropractic care is used as a preventative measure in children.

The survey found that most of the visits to chiropractors were for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, like back pain or neck tension. Prevention care accounted for 24%, and headaches only made up 7%. The children's health clinic also saw a few cases each year with otitis media or ear infection, along with other problems such as colic and asthma.

Prevention accounted for a large proportion of visits to chiropractors in children younger than four years old. The most common form of therapy was spinal manipulation, followed by exercises, soft tissue treatment, and postural counseling.

The main takeaway is pediatric chiropractic care is essential to correct misalignments in the spine. It improves a child’s wellness and prevents developing future complications.

Is Pediatric Chiropractic Care Safe?

Pediatric Chiropractor

Reports of other pediatric complications within patients who have been treated by a chiropractor are rare. In contrast, the number of children who have sought chiropractic care has increased significantly in recent years. In 2000, a survey found that there were about 30 million pediatric visits to chiropractor’s offices. By 2009, this figure had more than doubled and reached 68 million. About 17% percent of these patients are under the age of 18 (about 7-7%).

Furthermore, Dr. Hewitt notes that there is more than just the peer-reviewed literature to show how safe chiropractic is for children – insurance rates are also a good indicator. 

He verbalized:

"Insurance companies would not give us lower malpractice rates without reason," 

Dr. Hewitt pointed out that pediatricians have the same rate as other medical doctors.

Children of all ages can benefit from chiropractic treatment. With the rise in chiropractic awareness, parents are more knowledgeable in dealing with their children's health and wellbeing. Most notably when it comes to seeking advice for pain relief and rehabilitation purposes.

How Does It Work?

Pediatric Chiropractor

The spine comprises 24 independent vertebrae that enable your child to twist, bend and move throughout the day. It also protects their delicate central nervous system that controls a body's ability to grow, repair, and function at its best by communicating with every cell tissue or organ in the body.

Falls while learning to walk, championship wrestling with dad, lugging an oversized backpack around, and staring down at their phones are great examples of activities that put the body in situations that can negatively affect spinal alignment.

Chiropractors are skilled in locating and correcting joint dysfunctions by applying gentle targeted movement to the spinal column. This non-invasive technique is called a chiropractic adjustment.

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