What Is the Most Common Injury That Athletes Experience?

Danny | Posted On: December 22, 2020

Engaging in one or more sports activities is an essential part of a healthy and active lifestyle – it is good for the heart, good for respiration, is also suitable for building and maintaining muscular endurance, and many more. Nothing wrong can come out of playing sports in a perfect world, but people do not live in that kind of world. Sometimes people move in the wrong way, people trip on objects and falls, and contact the ground and with each other. Sports injury usually is the result of this.

A sports injury can get you out of the game for a few days, or it can be until the end of the season. According to the CDC, more than 8.6 million sports-related injuries are recorded each year, and about 20% of the injuries come from bone fractures or other serious injuries.

Besides knowing the most common sports injury, people should also consider the treatments available to help with the recovery. If action is not taken to sports injuries, it can permanently damage the body. Sports injury treatments can’t promise a fast recovery, but it can help people get healthy.

Common Sports Injuries

1. Strains

Strains are the most common injury out of all the sports-related injuries because people always use tendons and muscles when exercising and playing. Muscles and tendons are both sensitive to stretching further than they usually should or working in ways that they should not move, leaving them torn, impair, and in discomfort. Muscle strains include pulled groin muscles, pulled hamstrings, and constrained quads. The majority of injuries are minor and can be healed by time with the cooperation of rest. The best way to minimize the chance of strained tendons and muscles is to warm up and expand before joining in sports-related activities.

2. Fractures

Aggressive and contact sports can usually lead to fractures of the bone (especially the arms, legs, and feet), which can cause much pain, takes a long time of immobilization to heal, and sometimes requires surgery to correct. People can reduce the risk of fractures by wearing the recommended padding, warming up, working out to keep the muscles healthy and flexible, practicing useful techniques, and many more. Sometimes the pain is a sign of strain left untreated can make the bone vulnerable to fractures, so don’t try to “play through the pain.”

3. Concussion

A concussion is most common in contact sports like football, basketball, and rugby. Concussion damages the tissues holding the brain in place, and it often occurs when a sudden impact to the head causes the brain to flounder inside the skull. Symptoms may range from headache to dizziness to sleepiness and loss of consciousness; concussions may be mild to severe depending on the head’s impact. Sometimes more severe symptoms can occur if a medical evaluation from a spine-and-brain specialist is not made. Keep in mind to never continue to play sports if the symptoms of concussion still exist.

Concussions usually heal by itself within a week to several weeks. Athletes should always wear the right protective headgear when playing several sports to avoid the risk of having concussions.

4. Knee Injuries

The knee is a vulnerable joint, and it goes through many impacts and wears throughout most sports activities. Knee injuries can be agonizing and weakening, in some cases requiring surgery to rectify. Tears of the front cruciate tendon (ACL) are prevalent, as are cartilage tears, separation, and breaks. Warm-ups, stretching exercises, and great poses can reduce the chance of knee injuries at the side appropriate cushioning and bracing (for the occasion, whereas playing contact sports).

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