Improving Your Immune And Endocrine Systems: How Chiropractic Helps

Danny | Posted On: October 1, 2020

Chiropractic care is more than providing relief and management for back, neck, or shoulder pain. Having regular chiropractic treatment can improve spinal health, restore joint functions, support your central nervous system (CNS). The system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all nerves in the body, making it the 'control center' of the human body. It's responsible for everything you do, and having it improved can also boost your immune system and endocrine system, giving you better overall health. 

To help you understand more about the nervous system, immune system, and the endocrine system, here's a lowdown of their function and how chiropractic care can help.

Understanding the Immune System and Endocrine System 

The immune system and the endocrine system are essential functions in a human's body, with each having its distinct roles in the body. 

The immune system protects a person's body from different pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxins.

Its role is to fight against pathogens by removing them inside the body and recognizing, neutralizing toxic substances from the environment. It consists of different organs, cells, and proteins working together to protect your body, ensuring optimal health. 

There are two parts of the immune system, including:

  • The innate immune system - The one people are born with, and these include skin and chemicals in the blood.
  • The adaptive immune system - The immune function that develops when your body gets exposed to certain diseases. The adaptive immune system works by recognizing the antigen that caused a particular illness and creating an antibody for future infections, making you somewhat 'immune.' 

Meanwhile, the endocrine system is responsible for hormone control, influencing different functions in the body. 

It's a chemical messenger system that releases hormones into the bloodstream, allowing essential hormones to travel to different cells in other parts of the body. It's responsible for controlling mood, growth, mood, development, organ function, reproduction, and metabolism. The major endocrine glands in humans are the adrenal and thyroid glands.

Although both systems have different functions, they are both equally crucial for a person's optimal health and well-being. However, a common factor between them is that both can't function properly without the nervous system. These three are inextricably linked, so when one gets impacted or receives treatment, the others will also be affected. 

Functions of the Nervous System 

The nervous system consists of a complex network of nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain, reaching and affecting every bodily function. Many see it as the 'master system,' as it controls all your body's functions, from every cell, tissue, muscles, and organs.

Two other essential systems linked with the nervous system's function are the immune and endocrine systems.

  • The nervous system regulates the immune system's function, including its response to pathogens and inflammation via the production of soluble chemicals, signaling the brain to instruct the body's organs or cells to fight against bacteria, fungi, toxins, or virus. It strongly affects the immune response, making the nervous system 'backbone' of the immune system. 
  • Meanwhile, though the endocrine system isn't linked directly to the nervous system, the two interact in several ways. For instance, the two work together to initiate and control physiological processes, making the nervous system an essential part of the endocrine system. 

The nervous system's core is the spinal cord, responsible for receiving and transmitting information throughout the body. That's why when misalignments in the spine (subluxations) occur, causing compression and irritation on nerve pathways can take a toll on the immune system. That's because the immune system relies on the nervous system, which depends on the spinal cord to gather and transmit information. 

When communication problems occur within the nervous system, it adversely affects the endocrine and immune system, leading to individuals facing increased susceptibility to different ailments and conditions. 

That's where chiropractic care can help as it revolves around spinal adjustments, correcting these misalignments, improving the spine's function, alongside the nervous system, immune system, and the endocrine system. It promotes better physiological health and overall well-being. 

How Spinal Issues Spread Quickly

Subluxations or spinal misalignments can cause immediate problems in the body's function as it blocks or irritates the nerve pathways responsible for regulating most bodily functions. As soon as a subluxation occurs, the signals that usually get sent to your organs become compromised, resulting in stressful conditions. This situation can take a toll on the immune system, gradually weakening it. 

Besides weakening the immune system, subluxations can result in several conditions, ranging from physical medical conditions to psychological disorders like depression. 

There are various treatments available for patients suffering from subluxations of a failed immune system. Although taking medications can be a faster way out, it often only provides temporary relief and can cause adverse side effects. That's why it's best to opt for alternative treatments that involve a non-invasive and natural method of treating these disorders, such as chiropractic care. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help 

When the spine gets misaligned, or your body becomes unbalanced, it can impact the nervous system's overall functionality. These misalignments can affect other essential functions such as immune response and hormone regulation linked with the nervous systems, resulting in chronic pain, decreased range of motion, and various health conditions. 

Having regular chiropractic treatment like spinal adjustments can open the nervous system's pathways to ensure smooth flow of information and alleviate chronic pain, providing a healthier spine and body. However, chiropractic practices go far behind the spinal cord, as chiropractors may also adjust arms, legs, hips, and necks, working together to provide and maintain a healthy, functioning nervous system. 

Improved Nervous System: Better Immunity and Endocrine System Function 

The immune system and endocrine system rely on the nervous system to do most of their functions, and the three are inextricably linked, so all will become affected when one gets impacted. These essential systems' connections are possible because all three share specific molecules carrying messages between them, enabling them to communicate and work together, ensuring your body's optimal health. It's because of this connection that makes chiropractic care an effective treatment or booster for the immune system and endocrine system. 

The immune system protects a person's body from different disease-causing pathogens. Since it relies on the nervous system, improving the nervous system's condition can also boost your immunity and prevent you from developing diseases such as autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiency disorders, cancers, and allergy. 

The endocrine system produces and regulates hormones that play an essential role in different bodily functions. These hormones are responsible for several things, including sleep, regulating tissue functions, metabolism, reproduction, mood, growth, and development. Since it's responsible for numerous bodily functions, improving your nervous system alongside it can help with physiological and mental disorders. That's why many studies have linked chiropractic care with treating depression, insomnia, or infertility. 

Chiropractic care is a flexible form of all-natural treatment that can boost your immune system and endocrine system thanks to their association with the nervous system, allowing you to achieve and maintain strong defenses against diseases. 

Benefits of an Improved Nervous System

Several chronic or degenerative medical conditions are impacted by the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system since these three covers a lot of different bodily functions. According to studies, the most common illnesses or disorders related to the nervous system that regular chiropractic care can treat are vertigo, ataxia, multiple sclerosis, and psychological conditions such as Parkinson's, Tourette's syndrome, or Autism. 

Chiropractic care is a versatile treatment that many patients seek to alleviate pain or limited mobility. However, aside from these expected benefits that people can enjoy with chiropractic practices, you will often experience many other incentives due to its holistic approach and all-natural treatment on the nervous system. 

Different patients have conditions with varying severities, with others requiring regular weekly chiropractic treatments or several times throughout one week, with only needing monthly care. However, either way, chiropractic care can positively affect the nervous system alongside the immune system and endocrine system, ultimately promoting better health and well-being. 

Finding a Chiropractor 

If you're looking for a reliable chiropractor to boost your immune system and endocrine system or alleviate pain, Dr. Jacob Tucker has got your back. He is one of the best talents around, providing chiropractic care for various patients in Lincoln, Nebraska, striving to provide complete care for everyone. 

Dr. Tucker provides different chiropractic treatments to various health conditions, ranging from physiological to psychological disorders, helping each patient unlock their body's true healing potential through natural chiropractic practices. 

He performs precise and swift spinal adjustments that can help boost immunity, restore range of motion, improve mobility, bring back normal nerve function, and achieve an overall better quality of life. 

Besides standard chiropractic treatments, Dr. Jacob Tucker also offers pregnancy chiropractic care, spinal decompression that will help you heal quickly and thoroughly, and help restore bodily functions affected due to auto accident injuries.

You've got only one spine, so why not choose the best care for it? And what better way to get chiropractic treatment than from Dr. Jacob Tucker. 

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