Can A Chiropractor In Lincoln Help Improve Your Spine Health?

Danny | Posted On: August 22, 2021

The spine is a critical structure of the human body. It is responsible for providing structural support and protection to your spinal cord, which transmits signals from your brain to various parts of the body. If you are experiencing pain in different areas of your back or neck, it could indicate some vertebral issue at hand.

We will explore how chiropractors can help improve spine health.

How can a chiropractor help improve your spine health?

Chiropractors work to correct spinal alignment and provide relief from pain. The first step of treatment is an examination, which helps determine the cause of your symptoms. Your chiropractor will then perform a thorough analysis to determine where any misalignments could be causing problems with nerve signals or circulation.

The following steps include gentle adjustments to help realign vertebrae that have been pulled away from their natural position by forces like gravity, stress, injury, and muscle spasms. The result? Less pressure on the spine and reduced inflammation—leading you back down the path toward improved health.

People who have been "adjusted" by a chiropractor will often report improvements in their posture, range of motion, and freedom from pain.

Chiropractors don't just work with the spine either: they also look at your whole body when assessing you for potential problems. For example, suppose adjustments are required to help address any underlying issues contributing to chronic or acute back pain. 

In that case, these can be applied as well--during treatment sessions or a follow-up office visit. The goal is always to achieve "peak performance," which includes good spinal health.

There are several treatment options available when it comes to spinal health.

The first is conservative care, which includes non-invasive and natural treatments--such as chiropractic adjustments.

Suppose these methods don't provide enough relief. In that case, your doctor may recommend a more intensive treatment option such as prescription medication for pain management (e.g., muscle relaxants) or injections of anti-inflammatory drugs into joints near the spine (epidural steroid injection).

The last resort would be surgery; however, this can often be avoided with proper adjustment and maintenance through regular visits to your chiropractor.

While most resonate for surgery related to spine issues, an alternative approach like holistic healing should also be considered.

The important thing is to find a treatment that works for you and your lifestyle, so it's not something you dread or have to go through every day--but rather something that can be as pain-free as possible.

Can chiropractic care help improve your spine health?

The efficacy of this treatment for various conditions has been debated for many years. But, a significant new study in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found that chiropractic therapy may be associated with reduced pain and disability and improved physical function among adults with low back pain.

The study looked at data from three randomized clinical trials involving over 500 participants who had experienced chronic or long-lasting lower back problems. 

Researchers spent 18 months following these subjects to determine how they fared after receiving spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), commonly used by chiropractors or conventional medical care such as medication management, exercise rehabilitation, and cognitive-behavioral therapies.

The authors found that those who received SMT reported more significant improvements in their symptoms than other treatments. They also found that SMT was associated with greater odds of achieving functional independence, clinically meaningful improvement in pain and disability, and improved physical function.

There are many benefits to chiropractic care for back pain sufferers, but the most important thing is getting your spine checked out by a professional who can recommend what treatment would be best for you!

What are the common conditions that affect spinal health?

If your spine is healthy, chances are you are living an entire and active life. But if your spinal health is compromised, it can lead to several comorbidities that affect not just the spine but also other areas of the body.

The following conditions may cause damage to healthy spines:

  • Herniated disks or disc herniations
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing)
  • Degenerative disk disease (DDD) - also known as "wear and tear" on discs in the back part of the spine affecting mobility, pain levels, and lifting ability over time

If any of these conditions were present, you would experience difficulty walking because DDD weakens muscles supporting hips and legs; trouble sleeping due to persistent pain in the back or neck, and chronic low-grade pain that gradually worsens.

Listen carefully to your body's needs so you know when it may be time to talk with a professional who is trained in diagnosing spinal problems and treatments.

  • Get enough rest every night by going to bed early (or taking naps if necessary), drinking lots of water during the day, staying active throughout the week through light workouts such as stretching exercises or leisure walking around the block.
  • Make sure to stretch every day, especially before and after exercise.
  • Keep your spine in proper alignment by adjusting the angle of your neck when looking at a computer screen or sitting on one end of a couch versus both ends.
  • Seek out professional help if you have any concerns about how an injury is healing or experience persistent pain that worsens over time.

Why is it essential to take care of your spine?

Spinal health is vital as it can affect your whole body. A healthy spine helps maintain a balanced posture and can also help with postural problems, such as scoliosis. 

Your spinal column is made up of vertebrae stacked on top of one another like an integral tower; if any vertebrae become misaligned or out-of-place, it could cause pain at the neck, back, arms/hands, shoulders, or hips.

It's essential to know your preferences before trying chiropractic care for your spine health. There may be specific techniques you don't enjoy receiving from a doctor due to personal preference.

Chiropractors offer treatments designed specifically for people suffering from chronic pain in their upper limbs – so they may be a significant first step.

An experienced chiropractor like Dr. Jacob Tucker of Good Life Family Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE will know the best techniques to provide you with relief from pain and restore spinal health, whether it's through manipulation or adjustments of your spine via gentle pressure on specific vertebrae.

You can book an appointment through this website and see how chiropractic care can help improve the quality of your life and reduce any pain or discomfort you are feeling.

What should I expect when receiving treatment from a Chiropractor in Lincoln?

Expect an initial consultation where they can assess your condition and determine what type of care is right for you based on their expertise and any other conditions that might already exist.

You also need to be aware that there are different treatments available such as physiotherapy or acupuncture if necessary, so don't hesitate to ask about them. They'll then work closely with you throughout the treatment to ensure you're receiving adequate care.

You can expect a chiropractor in Lincoln to provide regular updates on your condition and progress, so they'll know if any further treatments are required or adjustments need to be made.

The goal of the treatment should always be rehabilitation – not only treating symptoms but addressing the cause of pain and restoring spinal health. This is often achieved by removing pressure from joints that have become misaligned due to injury or poor posture over time.

Your chiropractor will also advise what lifestyle changes might help minimize future occurrences of injuries that could lead to painful episodes, such as improving their diet, getting more exercise, etc.

Why should I see a chiropractor, and how does the treatment work?

The most common reason to see a chiropractor is pain in the neck, back, or other areas. The treatment typically involves moving the spine gently and gradually using both hands to naturally heal itself without surgery.

You can also experience relief from headaches if you suffer from muscle tension caused by stress at work, school, or home. But, again, there's no need for anesthesia as many people think since they often feel better immediately after their first visit.

Is there any risk associated with being adjusted by a chiropractor?

Some people may experience immediate relief from their symptoms following an adjustment. However, there are some risks associated with being adjusted by a chiropractor. For example, if your spine is misaligned or out of place and you're not having any pain, chiropractic treatments can make it worse if they don't fix the problem.

The risk depends on what condition you're coming in for treatment and who's doing the adjusting (chiropractor vs. physical therapist). You should also know that adjustments done without x-rays to determine where your vertebrae are located might cause more harm than good over time. 

This could shift into even greater positions of injury-causing chronic conditions like sciatica or spinal stenosis/pinched nerve.

The risk of being adjusted is low, but it's essential to know about the risks before you go in for any treatment.

What are some other benefits of getting an adjustment?

  • It can help ease pain and tension headaches, neck pain, back pain (especially chronic)
  • Relieve stress on your spine, which often leads to numbness or tingling sensations down your legs.
  • Many people sleep better after receiving care from a chiropractor because their heads are no longer tilted forward due to poor alignment.

Final words

Overall this type of spinal manipulation therapy has become increasingly popular over the years. There don't seem to be as many drawbacks as previously thought, with so many new studies showing its effectiveness.

If you want to improve your spine health or look for a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment solution for your aches and pain, you might also consider chiropractic care to see if it works for you.

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