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Danny | Posted On: September 17, 2020

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We have been doing incredible things these last few weeks. Last Monday kicked of our 21 day challenge, and in spite of the world going crazy, we are growing in the face of that adversity.  Just this weekend, I was reading an article in Forbes asking us to stop being critical thinkers when it comes to our health, to trust the public health organizations and institutions alone, because they are the experts and the information is too complex for the rest of us to fully understand and implement.

The church did something similar in the Dark Ages. They formed a monopoly on science, and they monopolized all access to scripture. They said it was too complex for the rest of us to understand. They said that alone they had access to the will of God and interpretation of such things should be left to the Vatican alone. They burned a few "heretics" at the stake. They discredited visionaries. They insisted the earth was flat, that we were the center of the universe and everything revolved around us. They told us that when we got sick, it was the will of God, or that we had sinned and were being punished. Now we know better, right?

"Trust us," they say. Trust the voices who have isolated and quarantined the healthy, tanking the economy. Trust the voices telling us to wear a mask to help prevent us from exposing ourselves to a virus, so that in a few months we can all inject that same virus directly into our bloodstreams, with a dangerous concoction of chemicals, bypassing our digestive system and those defense mechanisms that help us build natural immunity. Trust those voices who are so concerned for your immune system that they questioned the safety of essential micronutrients while failing to post a single study, article, or tweet about the role diet and exercise have on keeping your immune system robust and healthy until 4 MONTHS after the start of the pandemic! Those are the same voices we listen to that create doubt and fear of our own body's weaknesses.

Our Centers for Disease Control are just that - all about control. Our health care system is anything but! Their interests and financial gain do not come from Americans staying healthy, but rather through the management of disease. Nevermind that our risk of getting this thing (as of 8/6 cdc.gov) was about 1.4% and our risk of dying while having this thing once we get it is about 3%. More people will die from Emergency Room errors this year than will die with Covid. Nevermind that they still are not differentiating "dying with" vs. "dying from". It makes it hard to know who to trust, because that is not the story the media is telling.

The division that has arisen regarding Covid and infectious disease actually started over a century ago when pathologist Louis Pasteur began his research on the Germ Theory. The messages you hear today come from this theory: "You catch things from other people. You wear a mask to protect me. You stay home to protect me. You social distance to protect me. You vaccinate to protect me." It is easy, lazy, and deflects all fault from yourself. Even Pasteur, on his death bed said, “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

His counterpart and rival in this debate was Antione Bechamp. He was researching the Terrain Theory, stating that it was the health of the terrain that determined if a pathogen could even take root. This way of thinking takes more work and is all about personal responsibility. "My health is my responsibility. How I take care of myself makes my body susceptible or not. The choices I made make my body strong or weak, and that is my responsibility."

As Americans, it is easier to point fingers at everyone else to change, so we do not have to make those changes in ourselves. However, the truth is that no one has more of a say in your health than you do.

There is more of this to come. Think through this. Your best path to protect your family is to accept the responsibility for your health and life. Once we do that, then we can protect and help the weak as they quarantine and mask and isolate.

You are ever in our prayers,

Dr Jake and the GLFC team


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