Covid Update and Closings

Danny | Posted On: September 17, 2020

Good afternoon Good Life Family!

Happy Memorial Day! For those of you who have served, or have family who offered all for our sake, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. I hope all of you have been able to spend time connecting with family and loved ones this weekend, growing the bond of love we share in Christ, and remembering those who gave all for our sake.

Over the weekend, I was informed that my youngest, Ezekiel Charles, was possibly exposed to another child with Covid at his daycare. While there are no concerns for his safety, we are absolutely taking every precaution for yours. To ensure that I am not a carrier, I will be staying home until Monday morning, June 1st, to confirm that I am indeed symptom free. April will be reaching out to each of you, beginning tomorrow before our normal shift hours, to help you reschedule your adjustments and exams.

I encourage each of you to continue to do what I will be doing: digging deeper into my home care and each of the other 4 Essentials. I look forward to trying a few new recipes, workouts, and taking extra time to prepare for our next workshop: you can count on it being the best yet. Also, since my children will be home from daycare, I will count myself blessed to be amongst the people in this world I care for most. 

If anyone should require a tele-consult this week, please reach out to me to schedule those. The only requirement is to watch both our Nutrition 101 and Vitamin101 webinars beforehand if you have not yet had a chance to attend either class. 

Know that I care deeply for each of you and you are ever in my prayers. I will miss you all and see you next week for the workshop!

God bless you richly in health,

Dr Jake

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